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Welcome to CHOICE Networking

The 'no obligation network' that looks after you and your small business.

  • We treat you as the customer, not the product.
  • We don't charge membership fees.
  • We don't pressure you to attend.
  • We don't sign you up and forget about you.
  • We do put you first.
  • We do give you control of your networking.

Success and happiness are largely determined by the choices we make.

We give you choices: Attend where you like, when you like, and how often you like.

Everyone is valued and treated equally; members say they all feel part of 'CHOICE family', whether attending weekly or once every 3 months.

You'll be supported outside the meetings like no other network. Our members share our values, principles and goals; they support each other in and beyond the meetings by choice, not because they have to.

What we offer

CHOICE Networking have multiple groups across the north of England. We host structured meetings that are impactful and effective.

Breakfast Meetings
The majority of our meetings run from 07:15 until 09:00 so you can kick start your day with some great networking
Lunchtime Meetings
However we realise that not all of you are early risers or available first thing (with kids to get to school) so we also run a number of lunchtime meetings every month.

Each local meeting has a warm, relaxed atmosphere, totally focused on achieving growth and success for all members.

We offer our members a genuine team ethos of mutual support and protection – GROWING STRONGER TOGETHER.

As a member you will receive solid referrals, generated out of mutual support, not obligation.

What’s the cost

CHOICE Networking offer our members ‘Networking without strings’.

As a member you will simply pay just a small Pay As You Go (PAYG) meeting fee.

There are no up-front charges and no annual tie-in, giving you the complete freedom to tailor your networking to suit your changing circumstances.

At CHOICE Networking we do not apply any pressure. Instead we support, guide and help each other to succeed.

Helping your business to grow

We aim to provide the support that helps you steer your way through the choppy waters of business ownership.

Structured meetings are central to our approach, including guaranteed one-to-one meetings coupled with a variety of other activities which are presented differently to most other networks.

Helping your business to grow
Each meeting includes a help me slot at the end, where we discuss issues that our members have raised.

If you'd like to suggest a topic for discussion, please submit your topic here.

A network built around you

Where should our next group start?

Our network aims to be flexible and responsive to local need. Your views will help shape its development; from where/when we launch new groups, to what expertise we bring in to guide members, and even to how we balance activities within each meeting.

We regularly seek your views verbally, and also periodically by email. The success of our groups and our businesses depends upon our commitment to spreading the word, bringing in visitors, and helping all the individuals in the group.

We grow stronger together.

Great service - no obligation, but don't just take our word for it, see what our members are saying about Choice Networking.

  There are various things I like about CHOICE. I’ve got business through it and leads. Especially good are the people who run CHOICE, they’ve created networking that is fresh, supportive, very positive.  

Christopher Rooney - Writing Works

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