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01/03/2019: Thank you to Steve

It’s all change for 2019.

First of all, we’d like to announce that founder of Choice Networking, Steve Cahill, has announced he is handing the reins over to Ann Barkas.

Steve’s vision in growing the network has given us a great platform to grow even further. Steve will still be around with a new venture, so we’re looking forward to welcoming him at future meetings.

Ann Barkas, who is well known around the network and has led Whitley Bay’s meeting for the past year, has become leader of Choice. Her plan is to grow Choice’s networking and also wants to add new services.

She said: “Steve has done a great job over the past three years, but wanted to try something new. I’m delighted to be director of Choice. I’m planning on adding more training and events beyond the network and I want to add more networking meetings across the region.”

If you’ve never been to a Choice meeting before, it’s been a while since you were last here, or you are already a regular, don’t forget to book meetings via the website.

We’ll be announcing a new look and more plans for the future over the coming months. Thank you for choosing Choice… We Do Business!

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