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09/10/2019: Sky Rocket Your Sales

Time: 13:00 to 16:00

Increase your sales and conversion rates through by understanding the Colours and knowing what to do and say next. This proven system will help you achieve your goals authentically. You will also find you enjoy more business satisfaction and have less stress.

This 2-hour master class is delivered by Integrus founding partner, Tara Schmakel. By the end of the session you will:

Understand why people buy your products or services
Know how to increase your sales success to an 8 in 10 closing ratio
Identify the right words to use to inspire customer loyalty
Have a better understanding of individual behavior styles (Colours)
Meet some really nice people and have a little fun in the process

Speaker: Tara Schmakel

Venue: Unit 1A, Hylton Park

Location: Unit 1A Hylton Park, Sunderland Enterprise Park. SR5 3HD

Parking: Free parking at venue

Cost: Members £20.00 | Non-Members £20.00

Note: There's no cost associated with becoming a Choice Networking Member, we simply consider you a member once you have attended more than 4 network meetings.