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Our Members

Our members come from a wide range of businesses, including those operating in the B2C market, selling to consumers, and those selling to other businesses (B2B), all working together to help grow and develop each other's businesses.

Unlike some other networks, we don't restrict who can attend. Indeed we encourage businesses to talk, even if they look like direct competitors, as you just don't know how you may be able to help each other, or indeed work together. Indeed we have seen time and time again, how keeping an open mind has led to some really rewarding working relationships.

But, don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our members have said about Choice Networking:

  CHOICE Networking is a fantastic idea, brilliantly executed. I’ve done BNI, 4N, Network B2B and in terms of everything from atmosphere to ROI, CHOICE is the best I’ve ever done.  

Steve Erdal - Kiss Copy

  CHOICE Networking provide friendly, inclusive & lively networking events which make you feel valued and welcome.  

Carol Smith (Walker) - North East Counselling Services

  Steve and CHOICE Networking have helped me become a more confident speaker and stronger business woman; these guys really go out of their way for you and everyone who attends.

CHOICE Networking members help and support each other… knowing you can pick up the phone and have an amazing support group in today’s business environment is incredibly important. We truly do grow stronger together.  

Jane Hunt - Adoro Caffe -

  There are various things I like about CHOICE. I’ve got business through it and leads. Especially good are the people who run CHOICE, they’ve created networking that is fresh, supportive, very positive.  

Christopher Rooney - Writing Works

  I began my business in August but didn’t start attending the network meetings until January, I wish I'd began attending them earlier and don’t really know why I put it off.

The meetings are relaxed but still do what they are meant to, I’ve met a lot of people through CHOICE and have been given a lot of advice, I really enjoy the meetings and would recommend any business owner to attend.  

Dianne Taylor - Not Just Travel